Aruba Tourism


After the Natalie Holloway disappearance, the once bustling island of Aruba become eerily quiet. Simply put, people were afraid to go there. In the potential tourist’s eyes, anyone and everyone could be a suspect as the killer had never officially been caught. Island law enforcement didn’t help matters by dragging their feet. And the locals? Most were reluctant to talk to the media about the case. And as a community who made ends meet based on hospitality and tourism business, Aruba needed to change this perception – fast.

We set off to develop a campaign that highlighted the local flavor and people of the island; place a friendly face on it. The ads introduced the reader to a “local” and set them up as someone you know – but haven’t met. Someone with a great story to tell and who’s more than willing to invite you into their lives and become a part of “One Happy Island”.