Crocs Footwear


We’ve all seen them. And you either loved them or hated them, that’s how polarizing Crocs were when launched. However, after the successful launch, Crocs’ sales dropped. Rapidly. After a bit of research and using a bit of uncommon sense, we realized the shoes’ biggest selling point was also what was hurting it. You see, Crocs were touted as indestructible thanks to the Croslite material that makes every pair. So, follow-up purchases weren’t happening.

Our task was simple. Well, maybe not so simple as there was a lot at stake. The shoe with the slowing sales and polarizing opinions was in danger of becoming extinct. The Company knew they needed more fashion-forward styles to appeal to a wider range of consumer. But until then, they needed an interim solution. The answer: Fury, a hockey gear for youth hockey players. Wha’? Yep, that’s right – hockey gear. Crocs’ selling points of being lightweight, impact-absorbing, long-lasting, anti-bacterial and odor-resistant were perfect for the underlying foundation for hockey pads. And so, it was. The introduction and successful sales of Fury (seen at bottom of examples) saved the day.